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On HePays you can write someone as soon as you reach their dollar limit.
Some have 0 dollar minimum others might have set it higher.

Then your account gets deducted $0.01 for every message sent to a member with a contact minimum.


+ write everyone who has a contact minimum below your account
+ With a loaded up account you get featured on the rich list
+ the more you load up the higher you are ranked in the rich list
+ See all "Top Secret" Photos where your credit reaches their minimum
+ You get a dollar badge ($) next to your profile if you have a loaded account
+ You can sent friend requests to people who have a lower write minimum than your account
+ When a member has a minimum set they will get notified of your visit if you have more than their minimum loaded.

Load up! Amount

if you would like to load your account with bitcoin use this address:
Let us know through feedback that we should expect the transaction

$earn money$ as a hepays affiliate

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